This page lists some apps I created as a hobbyist. Some are co-created with some friends. The apps I made on my own are released under my company name Vadovas.

Update 2015: I did not resubscribe to the Apple Developer Program, so some links below are broken.

Gravity Beats

Released Februari 2013, for iPad, free.

Draw lines to compose simple melodies! Use lines as guitar or as bouncing objects, add as many balls as you like! Balls will fall from the top and bounce on lines, triggering a sound. Depending on the length of the line, different pitches can be made, this makes it possible to define melodies. See the trailer.

This app was also featured on the event Sound of Science on April 24th 2013 at the Radboud University. For this a desktop version was created. To get an impression, look here.

Available on the Appstore (not anymore). Parts of the source are open.

Zen Zoom

Released August 2013, for iPad, free.

Zen Zoom is a gimmick drawing app for the iPad, based on some fancy OpenGL shaders I created for the desktop. Your drawings will evolve in a organical way. There is also a fully automatic mode which draws for you, that way you can simply stare at the screen or let your iPad light your room!

It’s free and will remain free as long I don’t add extra features. I am planning to do some fancier shading effects for the iPad 2 and the new iPad. I hope you’ll enjoy :).

Available on the Appstore (not anymore).


With Astrant, for any iDevice.

A “casual frantic cube blasting color matching game”. Besides programming I also did the music for this game.

Available on the Appstore (not anymore).


Created at Rodo, for any iDevice and desktop.

This is my first game ever released. I got the idea of making a bubbleshooter with physics in my first year of my bachelors. Thanks for Rodo for giving me the opportunity of realising this idea.

Available on the Appstore.