RWTH Aachen University

  • 2019: Crash course on category theory. This was a course aimed at PhD students and PostDocs.

  • Student supervision:

    • Dario Veltri (BSc) β€” Learning Probabilistic Automata with SMT Solving
    • Du Hyun Cho (BSc) β€” Duality of Moore Machines: Reverse models for Moore machines
    • Linus Heck (BSc) β€” Gradient Descent on Parametric Markov Chains
    • Thomas Vogt (BSc) β€” Learning RFSA in Reverse
    • Dan-Tuong Le (BSc) β€” Quantitative Analysis of Counterexample Generation for Automata Learning

For potential bachelor and master projects, please have a look at the projects list of the i2 chair.

Radboud University

  • See my CV for teaching assistance.

  • Student co-supervision:

    • Gijs van Cuijk (BSc) β€” A Complete Version of the ADS Method for Conformance Testing
    • Jeremy Guijt (BSc) β€” Checking Model Learning Hypotheses with Symbolic Execution
    • Joep Veldhoven (BSc) β€” Automata extended to nominal sets
    • David Venhoek (MSc) β€” Nominal sets and automata: Representation theory and computations
    • Gerco van Heerdt (MSc) β€” An Abstract Automata Learning Framework
    • Alexander Fedotov (MSc internship) β€” Hybrid UIOv method