New website!

21 Feb 2014

One of the things I dislike of having a website is the fact that one has to maintain it. My previous website was just hand-crafted html code, so on every edit I had to dive in the html and get my hands dirty. This is cumbersome and demotivating. So it was time for a change!

I decided to update my website to use Jekyll. This was a big relief as I can simply write stuff in markdown, which is a lot easier. Secondly, I really like the idea that the site is static, so that it is easy to copy and I don't need aditional software on my server (as opposed to things like Wordpress, which I tried, but didn't like at all).

Hopefully (probably this is wishful thinking) I will update this site more and write more about the stuff I do. Here is a screenshot of my previous site:

The old Vadovas site

Also big thanks to the creator of this theme Balzac.